5 Car Maintenance Tips & Skills Every Woman Should Know

Posted on Oct 31st, 2018

Women DIY mechanics are far and few between; but, that doesn’t say that women have to be ignorant when it comes to their engines. Firstly, women should thoroughly read the owner’s manual for their vehicles, as well as the warranty. The owner’s manual will let you know service intervals, as well as help, troubleshoot possible problems. Knowing basic car maintenance can not only help you save money, but it will also be a starting point for you to get to know your car better.

5 Car Maintenance Tips & Skills Every Woman Should Know

Cash 4 Cars Perth WA offers the following information on car maintenance tips and skills for all women.

Know Your Warranty

Warranties can be void if the car owner does something as minor as changing the oil filter or take the vehicle to anyone but the dealer to have the filter changed. Read your warranty thoroughly first to avoid any issues in the future.

Top Up Washer Fluid

Topping up the washer fluid is not difficult, but it is one of those things that most women don’t know how to do or neglect. Remove the top of the reservoir and pour the windshield wiper fluid into the reservoir. If your pouring skills are not great, use a funnel. Windshield wiper fluid is flammable, so be careful what it comes into contact with when using the fluid.

Check Your Headlights

Checking your headlight bulbs is simple, and it is necessary. Dim headlights mean poor visibility which could lead to a hazardous road situation. Changing the bulbs of the headlight or taillights will require a screwdriver and a replacement bulb. Determine how to remove the lens assembly and remove it with your screwdriver. Pop-out the lens assembly, twist and pull the light socket and remove the bulb. Check to ensure that the socket is not burnt and put in the new bulb and put the assembly back together.

Changing a Fuse

Changing a fuse is not difficult. Look in your owner’s manual to determine where the fuse panel is located. Remove the blown fuse and replace it with a new fuse.

Check & Top Up Oil

The engine oil is the lubrication for the vehicle, and it is essential that the oil is at the proper level. To check the oil, pull out the dip stick and clean the stick with a paper towel or cloth. Put the dip stick back into the test and then remove the stick. There is a line on the stick to show where the oil level should reach. If the oil does not reach the line, it is low. When adding oil to the vehicle, don’t fill the tank as oil expands. Add one quart at a time and recheck the level of the oil.

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