Accident Car Removal Perth

At Cash for cars Perth WA we buy accident cars for cash and remove them for FREE. Not a fender bender that you can buff out? More like a completely totalled vehicle? No worries. Give Cash 4 Cars Perth WA a call. We buy and remove accident vehicles of every condition. Just give us a call and we’ll make you an offer that we don’t think will disappoint you.

Accident Car Removal

Get up to $9999 on your accident OR old car removal today. Give us a call! In Sydney contact Metro car removal for Old or Accident Car Removal

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Accident Car Removal Is Not An Issue Any More With Cash For Cars Perth WA

Accident car removals are simply scheduled at Cash 4 Cars Perth WA. We never make getting rid of your accident car a hassle. You simply give us a call and we’ll schedule an accident car removal. Sound too easy? What if we said we don’t just remove your vehicle, we’ll pay you up to $9999 for your unwanted vehicle.


  • DON’T Require that you make any repairs
  • DON’T Require that you do any heavy work (we do all the loading)
  • DON’T Require that you provide the paperwork (we bring it with us)
  • DON’T Require that your vehicle is fixable (we are expert wreckers, as well as buyers!)

And, most of all, we DON’T make things a hassle. Your free accident car removal at Cash 4 Cars Perth WA means instant cash for your accident car- all in the same day!

Accident Cars? Yes We Like Accident Cars That’s The Reason We Pay More Cash Why Wait Request Price Now!

Cash is all part of the deal at Cash 4 Cars Perth WA. We don’t consider a deal legal until we buy the vehicle. Because we will be fixing and repairing or salvaging and recycling your accident car, we will be making money off of its purchase. Knowing we are making a few bucks or more on the vehicle means that you’ll make a few bucks or more on the vehicle. It is a fair deal when you give Cash 4 Cars Perth WA a call.

We pay cash for accident cars!

  • Cash for Accident Ford
  • Cash for Accident Toyota
  • Cash for Accident Nissan
  • Cash for Accident Hyundai
  • Cash for Accident BMW
  • Cash for Accident Mercedes-Benz
  • Cash for Accident Honda
  • Cash for Accident Mazda
  • Cash for Accident Suzuki
  • Cash For Accident Mitsubishi

Whatever make and model, age or condition, we will buy your unwanted accident car for cash.

What Do We Do With Your Accident Car

It is more what we don’t do! We don’t throw your vehicle into a landfill where the only good it offers is taking up space and contaminating the land. We recycle the vehicle and reuse and resell its parts. Our accident car disposals are eco-friendly as we don’t contaminate the earth. We recycle your vehicle and give you cash!

We Buy Accident Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, Buses, Utes and Bikes, Too

At Cash 4 Cars Perth WA, we have the kind of buying power and expertise that allows us to buy any type of vehicle. We buy accident trucks, vans, SUVs, utes, 4x4s, buses, bikes, etc. of any make and model and any age and condition. Just give us a call. We don’t hesitate to buy any vehicle of any level of accident condition.

Contact Us Today

For the best in accident car removal services, give us a call at the number below. Our appraisers at Cash 4 Cars Perth WA will quickly quote you a cash price on your vehicle. If you’d prefer, we can also be reached through our “Get an Appraisal” form that is located on the top right of this page. For more information read our blog about simple Tips on Selling Your Old Car.

Call us at 0416 560 008

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