Car Maintenance and Repair Advice

Posted on Oct 13th, 2015

It is a hassle when your vehicle breaks down, and without proper maintenance, it will be breaking down much more often than not. Cash 4 Cars Perth WA offers the following tips on car repairs and maintenance that will hopefully help you to keep your car out of the shop and on the road.

Car Maintenance and Repair Advice

Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

Prevention is always better: If you are in the process of shopping for a new vehicle, be sure that before you purchase the vehicle, you take the time to ask plenty of questions. You should learn as much as there is to know about the vehicle. Being a responsible car owner is important, and it is important to know your vehicle well. Knowing your car will mean that you are less likely to neglect things that need to be done to the vehicle. Ask for a maintenance schedule and ask the sales person to share as much as they can with you about the vehicle. You will save a great deal of money in the long run. If you have a vehicle with minor problems, take it in for a check when it starts to act up. This will ensure that those minor problems don’t lead to bigger, more expensive repairs.

Keep your car records safe: You want to ensure that you always keep your car’s record papers safe. Not only will any new mechanic or shop that you take your vehicle to ask for them as it will help them to determine problems with your vehicle faster; but they will also be needed when selling your vehicle. Having all your maintenance and repair slips/car records will show the potential buyer that you have taken care of your vehicle.

Assemble a kit for yourself: You should always have an emergency car kit in the back of your truck. Assemble a kit of the tools you will need should you have a flat tyre, or getting extra gas, etc.

Do It Yourself: Whether you are the DIY type or not, there are things that you can do by yourself to save money and future breakdowns. Be responsible for doing what you can do. Fill the windshield fluid compartment with fluid so you can easily wipe your windshield, change your oil when needed (or bring it to an oil shop), check the tyre pressure on your vehicles. Checking the tyre pressure should be done each time that you fill up your vehicle to ensure that your tyres are properly inflated so as not to pose a hazard.

Be sure everything is in your trunk: While most cars come with a spare tyre and jack in their trunk, there is the occasion when a car or vehicle may not be properly equipped. Be sure that your trunk has a spare in good condition and a jack should you get a flat. A tow truck is quite expensive, and the last thing that you want to have to do is to call a towing company because you have a flat and no spare tyre or way to change the tyre.

Always visit certified mechanics: You should always take your vehicle to a certified mechanic who is experienced and qualified to work on your vehicle. A certified mechanic has trained and passed the state’s mechanic requirements to become certified. If you have a tight budget, visit your local vocational school’s auto shop repair department. This too is good as all students in the class are under the supervision of a licensed mechanic that will ensure the quality of repairs and maintenance are, and the cost will be much less expensive.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM): When it is time to get some parts replaced in your vehicle, be sure to alert the mechanic that you only want Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. This will ensure that the mechanic does not put in low-quality parts or used parts that have been reconditioned. Also, before you take your vehicle in, call the original dealer to ask if the problem is one that is still under warranty or that they will fix for no cost.

Always ask for your old parts back. While this may sound a little strange, it is a wise decision. If your mechanic is not quite as trusted as you had thought, then he will not try to fool you again. If he refused to return the old part, he might not have replaced the part, but simply have done some quick fixes on the part.

You should have a qualified local mechanic before something goes wrong. Check your dealer where you purchased your vehicle and asked if they can refer a local mechanic that is certified if you do not currently have a mechanic. If not, then research local mechanics. For more tips visit our car maintenance tips page.

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