Need Money Urgently? Sell Your Old Car for Cash Now!

Posted on Jul 30th, 2021

The need for urgent cash can arise at any moment. One might need the extra cash to start afresh or make room for a better and healthy lifestyle. There is a quick way to earn money and that is through selling an old car that has been sitting in your garage because it is not roadworthy anymore.

At Cash 4 Cars in Perth, you can easily Sell Your Car, no matter the condition or the make and model of the car. Our company also offers Free Car Removals for all our customers. If you want it gone, we are happy to oblige.


Why You Should Choose Cash 4 Cars as Your Car Buyer in Perth?

Cash 4 Cars Perth has been in the industry for years, providing exemplary services. We employ top technicians who are more than capable of handling all the problems and complexities of their job. Our workers are properly trained and highly qualified.

Through our Free Car Removal services program, we provide a hassle-free experience for our customers. You don’t have to worry about transporting your car to our yard; we will do it for you. The cash for your car is handed to you at the stop, on the day of the pick-up.

Sell Your Old Car

Here Is A Look At All The Services We Have To Offer


  1. Cash for Cars
  2. Auto Recycling Services
  3. Vehicle Disposal Services
  4. Car Wrecking Services
  5. Free Car Removal Services

You will find such a myriad of car removal services only at Cash 4 Cars in Perth. Give us a call today at 0416 560 008 or 08 9279 8550 to start the process without further ado.

We Buy Cars of all Make and Models

Do you have a wrecked Ford? Or do you have a damaged SUV? What about an old 4×4 that does not run anymore?
At Cash 4 Cars, you don’t need to worry about the condition of your car. Even the most damaged cars have some value. The metal can be recycled for other purposes or the engine can be repaired and sold to someone who needs it at lower prices.

We offer high and instant Cash for Used Cars payouts of up to $10,000. Solve all your money worries and reach out to us at our given numbers today. Our response time is extremely quick because every customer is our top priority!

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WE PAY UP TO $10000

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