When Is It Smarter To Sell Or Dispose Off Your Old Car?

Posted on May 16th, 2016

It’s easy to sell or get rid of your car with companies being a simple internet search away. But how do you know whether it’s worth selling or scrapping? Cash 4 Cars WA can give you an idea of what price they will give you for your car which may be more than you think its worth. There are reasons for and against selling or disposing of your old car.

When Is It Smarter To Sell Or Dispose Off Your Old Car


 There are a number of avenues you can use to Sell Your Old Vehicle. There are online trading websites specifically for cars. Otherwise, you could sell it on a buy and sell page. Newspapers and notice boards are still places you can advertise your car. Once you have advertised you may receive an abundance of phone calls and emails inquiring about your car. People may ask to look at the vehicle and on closer inspection realize it’s not such a great deal. You could also trade it in for the purchase of your new car. However, it’s unlikely you will get a reasonable price and depending on the condition of the car the dealership may not take it.


 Car wrecking yards will happily give you money for your old form of transport. They have the means to take it apart and sell the parts. They can also crush the shells to sell on for melting down and make new items. Whilst this seems like a great deal you may struggle actually getting it to the scrap yard.

Car Removal Services

 If selling isn’t an option and you can’t get your car to the wrecking yard without it costing you in tow truck expenses, Car Removal Services offer the perfect answer. A dependable company will whisk away your old car at no cost to you. They will even give you cash as they recognize the value of the parts and materials. If you make sure they are licensed and certified to carry out the work it should be a stress-free solution.

 When it’s time to get rid of your old car you can sell it, scrap it or use car removal services. Selling can cause a lot of hassle with multiple phone calls and emails answering various questions. It can take a lot of your time and people may come to have a look and realize it’s not what they want. It can be frustrating and may not be worth the asking price. You may choose to scrap the car which wrecking yards will happily pay for. Although you are faced with the issue of getting it there, this can be pricey. Using a car removal service takes the stress out of disposing your old car; contact Cash 4 Cars Perth WA for a hassle free experience.

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