How to Get Cash for Your Old Car

Posted on Feb 25th, 2016

If you are trying to get rid of or selling an old car, you’ve likely contacted wrecking yards. You also may have heard that the yard only wants certain makes & models with high demand parts. Or, maybe you’ve heard that the towing alone will be costly. The hassle to get rid of an old wrecker can be one that takes time and cost. There is a way to sell your clunker conveniently, and for cash. The solution to the problem is a cash for scrap cars company that collects vehicles at no cost and pays a cash payment for the auto. It is a trend that has become quite popular, and one that doesn’t take much effort on the seller’s part.

How to Get Cash for Your Old Car

So, just how do these companies work? They work on one of the easiest concepts. You have an old car you’d like to get out of your yard, contact the company, and they will buy and remove the vehicle at no cost. Something that in days gone by had never been heard of!

Cash for Cars companies are abundant in many areas in the US and Australia, and most will purchase your vehicle with a telephone call and simple inspection of the vehicle. The convenience factor comes in with the services they provide. You’ll find that most are companies that work 24 hours a day, offering car removals at their customers’ convenience.

They are businesses that are professional car buyers with most purchasing any make and model of vehicle of any age and condition. The trick is to find one that is legitimate, and reliable with high payouts.

How to Find a Cash for Cars Company in Perth

To find a Cash for Cars Buyer in Perth that is legitimate, your best place to begin your search in on the Internet. Here, you can access local companies with the services that you require. When shopping for a cash for car collector, you want to ensure that you look for specific things in the company:

1. The company should state that they are a professional used car buyer & wrecker, and should be able to provide you with their licence number.
2. The business should have their physical address and phone number listed on their site.
3. Is should also be one that offers the type of services that you require when selling your car.

The services that you want to look for in a car removal company will vary, just as the services that the companies offer. Specific types of services that you’ll likely want in a car collection business, include:

Instant cash offers – when it comes to the cash offers, businesses will vary in how the quote. Some
will make instant quotes over the phone and online while others will require that you contact them to schedule an inspection of the auto. All are convenient as seldom do companies require that you bring the auto to their location.
Instant cash payments – most of the business will work on a Cash for Cars system that is paid at the time of the car collection.
Free car removals – you want to look for one that offers free car removals in your local area. This eliminates the need for costly towing, and it eliminates the need to take up valuable time bringing your vehicle to their location.
Whether your old car is one that the company may resell or one that they will be recycling, they should provide the paperwork. They should also ask that you sign over the title of ownership or the scrap certificate to the vehicle.

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes will vary. Most cash for cars collection companies offers service within a few hours of the initial call. Look for 24-hour car removal companies in your local area, if you have trouble finding one that will remove your car the same day as your call.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

That will depend on the wrecker. Yes, cash for car companies are also wreckers or affiliated with wreckers, and therefore, recycle vehicles. Scrap metals and steel are worth a fair amount, so if your vehicle is one that will be recycled you will likely receive anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

How Do I Get a Quote?

The first thing to do is to get on the Internet and research local car removal companies in your area. Once researched, you will find that most offer quotes over the phone or directly on their web page. You will need to provide the details of your vehicle like the make, model, age, condition, vehicle identification number and odometer reading.

Car removal businesses are the solution to get rid of your old car for cash.

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