How to Get an Instant Cash Sale on Your Unwanted Car 

Posted on Apr 14th, 2016

Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to get sell cash sale on your unwanted vehicle of any make and condition.  And, it does not mean that you have to accept an insulting price for the auto or spend time and money to have it in a condition that will sale.  The vehicle doesn’t have to be a used or scrap high demand auto, nor does it even have to run, or be worth the repairs of running.  The way to get an instant cash sale on Your Unwanted Car in Perth WA is by selling the vehicle to a car removal company.

Car removal companies also called cash for cars auto buyers & wreckers are the new trends in selling a vehicle.  They are used and scrap car buyers that take all the hassles out of selling a vehicle of any make and condition, and pay cash for the sale.  For car owners that don’t have much time to sell their vehicle, would prefer to avoid the costs of fixing a vehicle that needs repairs, and advertising the vehicle it is the ideal way to sale the vehicle.  For scrap auto owners, selling your vehicle to a Cash for Cars Perth WA auto buyer is also the way to go as the vehicle owner avoids all the associated with selling a scrap vehicle like finding a wrecker, paying for towing to transport the vehicle to the wrecker, and prepping the vehicle so that the wrecker will accept it.

The best part of a cash for cars i.e. car removal company is that the car removal company pays cash on the spot for the vehicle.

How to Get an Instant Cash Sale on Your Unwanted Car

How Car Removals Companies in Perth WA Work

While you may find that some work differently just as some offer different services, most operate on a concept that is something like this:

You have a scrap car for sale.  You contact a local used and scrap car buyer in your area.  To find a legitimate auto buyer start by completing a search on the net for car removal companies in your local area.  Once you have the results, begin to research the different companies.  Choose companies to obtain quotes from that:

  • Are in your local area and are fully licenced and insured as used & scrap car buyers and wreckers.  Finding a company that is also a wrecker is quite important as you will have the assurance of a fair price for your vehicle, and one that will damage the environment the least in its disposal.
  • Find one that offers the services, including fair prices on scrap cars and free car removals.
  • Obtain quotes.  For the most part, car removal companies in Perth WA will make cash quotes over the phone and through their web page.  Some, however, may require that they first inspect the vehicle prior to providing the vehicle owner a cash amount.  Some may also not pay cash, so make it easy for yourself and find one that does.
  •  Once a quote is accepted, a car removal can then be scheduled.  This is another convenience of selling your car to a car removal company in Perth WA.  The vehicle owners will most often determine the time of the removal as many companies offer Same Day Car Removals that include collecting vehicles after business hours.  So, typically there is no need to schedule time out of your work schedule to meet the car removal technician.

The vehicle owner will be required to sign over the scrap certificate of the vehicle or its title of ownership, and then provide their photo ID.  Some companies may also require that the plates be removed from the car while others will complete this step themselves.

There are no hassles of prepping the vehicle.  No removing fluids, fuels, or liquids.  No removing tyres, or having to flatten the tyres.  Most car removal companies accept and remove scrap cars “As Is”, and then prep the vehicle to be wrecked once it is back in their yard.

For scrap vehicle owners, often there is no better way to sell their scrap car, truck, SUV, van, Ute, Jeep, 4×4, bus or bike.  These types of scrap auto buyers will most often have a quote to the owner in about 10 minutes provided they contact the company during business hours.  And, most have the vehicle removed, and the auto owner paid the same day they accept their cash offer.  The key is to find a legitimate company that provides the services, and cash payments that are necessary to make the transaction worthwhile.  It is also important that the company is one that has a concern for the environment, and one that provides a sales contract as releasing the liability of the vehicle to the new owner is essential.


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